Wednesday, February 14, 2007

♫Will the real "Slim SD" Please Stand Up?♫

Hello everyone, yes it's time for another posting.

I have noticed that in my zeal for multimedia entertainment, I have been straying from useful Howto posts. No more. Here is another useful (hopefully) tip.

Ever notice when using a multi-purpose card reader that it always takes several tries to actually find it in the swarm of drives that appears in "My Computer"?

♫One of These Things is Not Like the Other...♫

There are two ways to ID your memory card.

1) Name It

Once you have found your card, right click on its icon in "My Computer" and select "Rename". Enter a new name and press ENTER. That's it, from now on, when you put your media device in any computer, the drive's name will appear.

2) Photo ID

There is more work to this step, but it's worth it.

First surf the net for the icon you want to have appear on your drive. If you can't find one, use icon sofware (such as Easy Icon or Microangelo) to create it. When saving it, give it a simple name, with no spaces, and the extension .ico . Save this icon to the root (not in a subfolder) on your media device. For this example we will call it

Now double click on your drive in "My Computer". Right click in a white area and go to
New > Text Document.

Double click on the file. Enter the following text:


Change myicon.ico to whatever you named your icon. Now save and close the text file.

Rename the text file (as before) to autorun.inf

Disconnect your drive safely, and remove it. Now go into "My Computer" and re-connect your media device.

You will find that the icon you saved to the device will now appear as its icon.

This technique can be used on ANY storage media, not just memory cards.

Go on and try it out, and remember to keep on having fun.

"bah weep graaagnah wheep ni ni bong"


The Fly said...

i'm going to try this on my iPod so it better fkn work!!

The Fly said...

sonoma bitch! it worked! Got my iPod, MiniSD card, memory stock and SD card with my little fly pic as the icon!

RadioFreeG said...

My computer has a"dump" when photos are involved, but the icon programs rock! You're ho-to articles have the tastiest information, even when I can't use them! And PLEASE, put up an additon or new post on how you got the musical charaters to show up in the post! Rawk ON!