Saturday, November 17, 2007

Oh my God! That's Cla-a-a-a-sic!

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Greetings everyone,

For the longest time, I had been mulling over creating a collection of relatively popular classical music. Not "classical music" in the strictest definition. This refers to music composed between 1730 – 1820.

But I was looking for all instrumental pieces, for orchestra, preferably written before 1950. Yes, quite broad (it includes some opera pieces as well).

My search was really slow, since I rarely know the actual name of the piece that I was thinking of.

Then I stumbled across Kick Ass Classical, and the searching blasted off! The site has streaming audio clips of almost one hundred familiar "classical" tunes. This site is sweet and a highly recommended site for springboard from in search of completing your own collections. You'd be surprised at how many you will recognize.

Suddenly I was armed with titles and composers with which to search. The following sites were extremely fruitful: A very good site for finding music file links. This site is in an Asian font, but it handles English titles.
Classic Cat: Another site that links you to audio files of classical performances.

Now, Classical music may not be as hip or as cool as some of the stuff played on the internet radio show CLIMAX RADIO, but it is excellent background music when you want to relax or are doing chores.

Note to Mr. Magnum and RadioFreeG, don't worry, I won't be submitting any Classical pieces to the show.

Another great resource that goes without saying, is bittorrent. Through this I found "The Classic Experience", "Classic Experience II", and "Classic Experience III". I'm still looking for "Classic Experience IV", so if anyone locates the file, post a link in the comments section of this post.

I've pretty much completed my collection, I've downloaded pretty much every piece recommended by Kick Ass Classical, and I must admit, its a pretty well-rounded collection.

So until next time, keep those Classical ears open, and keep on having fun!

To whet you appetite, I've posted the following YouTube video entitled "Cannon Rock".


"bah weep graaagnah wheep ni ni bong"


RadioFreeG said...

Thank you for this timely article! You should NEVER, EEEEEEEEVER assume what will be played on You are in for a surprise with Episode 6!

I'm surprised you found all that stuff for download. Some of the classical music I've taken down has such a range of recording levels and tracks that the compressed mp3 files usually sound "hollow" in the middle.

As such, most people don't even post that on file sharing sites. If you, with your musically trained ear, think these recordings are up to snuff, please post a list of what you have taken down, (in brief), to help the rest of us humanoids. Thanks.