Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Press Release: Soundwave Joins Cast of "T & M's Voices"!

For Immediate Release:

This week marks the announcement that Soundwave has joined the cast of "T & M's Voices" radio show as a fill-in co-host, while long-time beloved co-host Tit-o is off on assignment.

While Episode 8 served as an introduction to the popular blogger for the show's loyal listeners, the upcoming episodes will get back to the business of producing high quality, entertaining, and thought provoking internet radio episodes.

Soundwave brings his knowledge of cutting-edge recording technology with him to a show that is renown across the internet for its high calibre interviews with world leaders.

"We are really glad to bring Soundwave on board during this slow time, while Tit-o is out of the studio for an unknown amount of time," co-host Magnum was quoted as saying, "We are excited to bring a new element to the Show. We have already begun experimenting with new recording techniques that were just not possible a short while ago. We will be breaking new ground on many fronts in the upcoming months."

Soundwave also shares the show's excitement and optimistic outlook for the show in the following months.

"This will be a new challenge for me. Writing a blog is pretty simple when you get multiple chances to review what you've written, but on a radio show you've only got one shot. Once something's said, its out there... you can't deny it or take it back. We are going to do some big things, just get ready!"

Fans of both sites can catch Soundwave's premier episode on the show right now, just follow the link:

Season 3, Episode 8: Inside Mission Control

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