Monday, October 20, 2008

Announcing the Debut of Tech Talk on RadioFreeG

Hello everyone,

Just announcing a new internet radio segment that I am working on.

I have been approached by RadioFreeG, himself to produce short tech themed segment on his show to discuss relevent issues or helpful information.

The first episode is available here. In it, I expose how Apple gives iPhone application developers the shaft after they pay Apple to be a developer, and spend weeks and months of their own time to develop an application, only to find they are not allowed to compete with Apple's application.

I also discuss how Google's Android phone OS will trump the iPhone and all of its bullshit.

Take a listen and then come back to leave your feedback, or request future topics.

UPDATED - October 21

A few articles to highlight the differences between Google and Apple:

Podcaster rejeceted because it duplicates iTunes functionality

Google Opens Up Android Codebase

Apple to iPhone Developers: Don’t Compete With Us?

Full Review of the T-Mobile G1 Android Device

Apple Censors App Store Rejection Notices

Apple Allows Lotus On iPhone (After Banning Competitor)

Why the Kill Switch Makes Sense for Android, and Not for iPhone

"bah weep graaagnah wheep ni ni bong"